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Procurement of Raw Material

Raw materials are purchased from the farm, local and national markets, depending on the quantities required. All materials are sourced from reliable suppliers and markets to ensure supplies are of quality raw materials. India is known as the origin of hi quality spices in the world, This provides us an edge over our competitors in terms of quality and prices. Presently, India controls about 50% of the world international trade in spices in volume and value.

Pre-Fumigation Process

Pre-Fumigation ProcessAll incoming raw materials are subject to mandatory pre-processing fumigation on arrival at the factory premises. This ensures that they are free from infestation, insects and pests before reaching the processing and packing areas.

Seed Spice Cleaning Plants

In the pre-cleaning process, the raw materials are processed in fully automatic seed spice cleaning machines. This ensures removal of all extraneous matters in the whole raw materials, and ensures a clean product is sent for processing and packing.


The de-stoner is used for removing and separating any metal, ash, filth, waste or stones that are present in whole.

Gravity Separator

The gravity separating equipment is used to separate different grades of raw material present whole spices. Using this process the damaged and light weight/infested /broken seeds get separated from bold and damage free seeds.

Sortex Machine

The computerized sortex machine is used for the removal of colorless and different coloured grains when goods are packed in their whole form. This ensures the consistent maintenance of uniform and standard color in the final whole product and only graded raw material is available for processing and packing. The equipment is highly efficient in the removal of contaminants.

Grinding Plant

We are equipped with special grinding machines for the products that require specific and different methods of grinding. Each spice has its own specifics, hence requiring it to be processed differently from the other spice. The products that are processed using these machines includes chilli, turmeric, coriander and cumin and many other spices.


Spice Sterilization is required to eliminate the micro-organisms like bacteria, yeast, moulds and many other microbial contaminants. It reduces the microbial counts to the acceptable levels and also helps to achieve:
  • Better flavor retention
  • Extended shelf life of product
  • Improved product texture & appearance

ETO Sterilization

ETO Sterilization process involves the use of Ethylene Oxide Gas. The process ensures that the resulted product is free from pests, insects and other harmful elements.

Steam Sterilization

The continuous flow of high pressure superheated steam is used to sterilize the product while the process of steam sterilization. The process results in the inactivation of enzymes and the reduction of microbiological load in spices and herbs. Unprocessed raw material can be heavily contaminated by soil borne yeasts, molds, nitro-bacteria and spore formers. Steam Sterilisation is one of the better ways to eliminate these contaminations.


Approved by CFTRI (Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore), the process of fumigation takes place in two stages. These stages are :

  • Pre processing - The pre-processing stage of fumigation destroys all the living things with their eggs present in the raw material.
  • Post processing - The post processing process destroys the pest's and eggs that may be developed in the raw material.

The product is packed immediately after the process of fumigation and sterilization to ensure the minimum contact with atmospheric impurities. The packing process is done manually or through automatic packaging machines. The material is packed in conformation with the statutory requirements laid down by regulatory bodies like Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai & the Spices Board of India.

Metal Detector

The metal detectors are used both while processing the goods as well as while packing the raw material to identify and remove the foreign materials like metal pieces or stones. This check helps in maintaining high standards of hygiene and quality at final packaging stages.

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